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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Does SCA provide lunch for the students?"
A: Each student is responsible for bringing lunch each day.


Q: "Does SCA require students to wear uniforms?"

A: SCA does not require uniforms.  SCA expects everyone on campus to dress in            an appropriate manner reflecting Christian character.  Teachers and students 

    should come well groomed and dressed modestly.


Q: "When is the first day of school?"
A:  SCA's 2024/25 school year will begin on August 22nd, 2024.


Q: "What hours during the day is school in session?"

A:  School begins at 8:00am each day and is dismissed at 3:00pm each day.


Q: "Do you offer before school or after school child care?"

A:  SCA is considering this option and hopes to be able to offer   

     this in the near future once a need is known.


Q: "I currently use Abeka curriculum to homeschool my child.  Can this be re-used?"

A:  SCA requires all Abeka curriculum to be purchased through SCA to ensure all

      students are using the same version.

Q: "Is SCA an accredited school?"

A: The recognition by the United States Department of Education of accrediting 

    agencies applies ONLY to post-secondary education and does NOT apply to

    elementary and secondary schools.

Q: "Are students from single-parent households excluded from enrolling?"

A:  Absolutely NOT.  According to scripture, the father is typically the head of

     household; the protector, the provider, and the disciplinarian.   We understand that

     children will come from all different living situations.  We encourage you to contact

     us with any questions regarding this subject.





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